Academic CV


PhD in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies                                            June 2015

King’s College London

Whose Ancestral Line Is It Anyway? Women, Legitimacy and the Nineteenth-Century Genealogical Imagination

No Corrections

MA in Translation & Linguistics                                                                                      2005–2007

University of Westminster

High Merit

BA in Hispanic Studies with Minor in Spanish                                                              2002–2005

King’s College London

First Class Honours with Mark of Distinction in the Spanish Oral Examination


Spanish language

Gender Studies

Gothic and Fantastic Literature

Medical Humanities


Fluent in English, Spanish, Danish, and German.


Enhancing Academic Practice Module                                                                                       2013

Teaching Assistant, King’s College, University of London                                        2012–2014

  • Elective module, “History & Imagination in the 19th Century Spanish Narrative”
  • Gave lectures to and led seminar groups of up to 15 students
  • Assisted the course professor in designing course content.
  • Helped set exam questions.

Teaching Assistant, King’s College, University of London                                           2013–2014

  • Sole instructor of Spanish language module obligatory to first and second year students.
  • Conducted debates in Spanish
  • Wrote grammar exercises and grade assignments
  • Tutored students individually to better understand different learning styles.

Co-supervisor, King’s College, University of London                                                            2013

  • Co-mentored final year undergraduate student with her final year dissertation on the Romantic archetype of Don Juan.

External Grader, King’s College, University of London                                                       2013

  • Marked student portfolios for the Leadership Award – offered by King’s College London Student Union (KCLSU) in conjunction with the Careers and Employability office.


Spanish and Latin American Studies (SPLAS) Seminar Series                                 2012–2013

  • Co-organised with another postgraduate the weekly faculty seminar at King’s College London, that offers a platform to present ideas both to staff, students and visiting scholars.
  • Wrote and hosted the seminar webpage.
  • Liaised with external speakers, welcoming them to the campus and helping with accommodation.
  • Chaired seminars and set up any audio-visual requirements.


Languages showcase, Festival of Arts and Humanities, King’s College London             2012

  • Co-organized and co-designed a one-day event aimed to showcase the varied research output undertaken by postgraduates at the faculty of modern languages. Open to the wider public as part of an outreach effort to promote the importance of languages in an increasingly globalized world.

Narratives of Migration and Exile                                                                                              2013

  • Co-organised the conference “Narratives of Migration and Exile”.
  • Ensured maximum possible outreach by making registration free after successfully obtaining funding from the Spanish Embassy’s Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs, as well as winning the King’s College London Graduate School Open Competition.
  • Secured international keynote speakers from New York University and the Spanish National Research Council (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas).
  • Co-organized exhibition on Spanish immigration as well as film screening in conjunction with the Spanish Embassy’s Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs
  • Co-hosted book presentation on political emigres with the sponsorship of Wines of Spain, part of the Spanish Institute of External Commerce.


2013 – King’s College London Graduate School Open Competition

2013 – Spanish Embassy’s Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs Conference Grant

2013 – WiSPS Travel Grant

2012 – King’s College Small Research Grants

2006 – AHRC Full Scholarship for Masters in Translation

2005 – Adam Prize in Humanities: Highest distinction attained in final year.

2004 – Florence Hughes Exhibition (Women’s Prize): Highest standard of work by a female student in her second year in Humanities.


Modern Language Association (MLA)

Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland (AHGBI)

Nineteenth Century Studies Association (NCSA)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Women in Spanish and Portuguese and Spanish Studies (WiSPS)


Translator, editor and proof-reader                                                                                           2006

  • Translator, editor and proof-reader both as a freelancer and for agencies such as Bilinguagroup, whose clients include MTV

Terminologist                                                                                                                        2008–2009

  • Terminologist for translation and international marketing agency Wordbank with clients such as Disney, Deutsche Bank and Autodesk

Internship at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain                                    2007

  • Translation, market research, networking and database management for Spanish companies interested in the British market

Volunteer for the Indo-American Refugee Migrant Organization (IRMO)                     2007

  • Translation and interpreting services for Latin American residents in London ranging from immigration advice to employment, housing and consumer rights


‘Review: The Spanish Gothic’ in Journal of Romance Studies 12.1, 2012 pp 85–93.

‘Oculists and Other Modern Visionaries: Epistemological Myopia in José Fernández Bremón’s Un crimen científico’ in Latin American and Iberian Perspectives on Literature and Medicine. Ed. By Patricia Novillo-Corvalán, New York; London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015 pp 64–84.

‘Review: Missed Connections: Spanish Transatlantic Studies’ in Singladuras: Journal of Graduate Research, 2016 upcoming.

‘Out of Time: Julia de Asensi and the Ahistorical Legend’ in Hispanic Canon. Visibility and Cultural Capital at the Margins. ed. by Stuard Davies and Maite Usoz de la Fuente, Legenda 2017 upcoming.


‘Mad Doctors, Femme Fatales and Fin-de-Siècle Blues: Blanca de los Ríos’ Los diablos azules (1910)’. Annual Modern Language Association Convention, Philadelphia, January 2017 (Upcoming).

‘Aping Other Nations: The Reception of Darwinism in Nineteenth-Century Spain’. Presentation at University of California, Berkeley, November 2016 (Upcoming).

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